The Best Boats in Anguilla

You say St. Barts. I say St. Barths.

However you want to say it, Saint Barthélemy offers a taste of France with a Caribbean vibe. Take a break from Anguilla’s BBQ, saltfish, and johnny cakes… You’re headed to St. Barths, the land of decadent food, luxury shopping, and French accents.

There are a few ways to get there – take a boat over to St. Maarten or St. Martin and take a large ferry from there, take a small plane from Anguilla (“small” as in a 7-seater), or take a boat charter from Anguilla. This is where Calypso Charters comes in, and we offer two options: a private charter if you’re in the mood for privacy or our Tuesday St. Barth Day Trip. The day trip is a shared trip that costs just $250 per person and includes the arrival tax in St. Barths. We leave Blowing Point at 9 a.m. and leave Gustavia at 5 p.m. While there, there are plenty of taxis and car rentals ready and waiting for you to explore. There are 22 beaches if you’re in the mood to chill, plenty of exceptional dining in town or at the beach, and loads of window shopping. Tip: Bring along a Visa card or Mastercard because AmEx isn’t widely accepted, nor is American currency (but there are ATMs where you can obtain Euros).

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